Rose bud

I started this exercise with the ‘real triangles’ and what I felt was a lovely triangular-shaped rose bud which under different conditions may also qualify as a ‘point’ however it is bigger and occupies more of the frame.

Church spire

This was followed by the church spire converging to a point by perspective but as suggested in the text, I found the inverted triangle much trickier and at the time of writing have not really cracked this one.

Moving on to the implied triangle required me to go back to my least favourite topic, still life!  Having ‘googled’ still life photographers on the internet I came across the blog of another student who said that she could not see the attraction of photographing peppers and I must admit those are exactly my sentiments.  I went back to Giles Angel’s gallery for inspiration, found paperclips immaculately organised, vegetables sitting on chairs and toy cars that may or may not be flying through the air but nothing that really grabbed me and said, ‘have a go at that’.

Still life of vegetables

So I settled on… yes, peppers; at least one green pepper, an onion and some tomatoes and I didn’t  realise how hard it would be to get the composition right or how engrossed I would get. I have invested in a small table top studio, a cable to which allows me to use my flash light off camera and have read up on adjusting the white balance on my camera.  The camera up was set up on a tripod in the conservatory so that I could make the most of the natural light and I took a number of pictures using different depth of field settings and the flash in different positions.  I can see  that this needs more practice, for example to get rid of the shadows on the left, but felt reasonably happy with this picture.


My second attempt, this time at an inverted triangle, involved roses from my garden.  Unfortunately it had been raining and by the time I had finished messing about some of the blooms were bruised (another learning point here for when I take flower pictures).  I can’t say that I am entirely happy with the composition for this one either although I do like the combination of colours.

Justine, Sophie and Isla

I have had several attempts at arranging people, some of which work better than others.   This picture which includes the dog does not work because although the three heads form a triangle, there is no connection between the dog and the two people, she is only interested in what I am doing.    The text talks about the need to ‘remove from view other distracting points, lines or implied lines’ in order to emphasise the triangular structure, I failed on that one too as you can see the window (and clothes line) in the background.

Girls at the farm park

This picture of the three girls, I felt did work better because that connection, missing in the photograph above, is there even though all the faces are not in focus.  The other thing that helps this image is that I have managed to crop out most of the distracting background.


About Anne Bryson

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband Iain and West Highland Terrier, Isla. I enjoy golf, photography and my grandchildren, not necessarily in that order! Having completed a 10 week digital photography course with the Open University in 2010, I decided I wanted to take my photography further and enrolled for the Open College of the Arts BA (Hons) starting with 'The Art of Photography' which I enjoyed so much that I went gone on to do Digital Photographic Practice and People and Place. In April 2016 I enrolled on my fourth OCA photography course, Documentary. This blog is my Learning Log for this course.
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